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Keep Your Cool

Saturday I decided to go to the local DQ for lunch.  When I told the young lady behind the counter that I would like to order a hamburger, she immediately responded, “Cheese on that?”

An uncontrollable surge of violent rage suddenly engulfed my entire body.  My mind went blank, I was in a daze, confused.  “Did I order a cheeseburger?” I thought to myself, “No, I’m sure I ordered a hamburger, and a hamburger doesn’t have cheese.”

“No!” I snapped, “I want a hamburger!”

 As I sat at my booth eating a cheeseburger with no cheese, shamed by my behavior, I tried to think of some verses of Scripture dealing with cheese. The only one that came to mind was Job 10:10, “Didst Thou pour me out like milk, and curdle me like cheese?”  I knew that was of no spiritual help in my current situation but I did recall several verses that address anger.

As I silently cited a few verses and regained my composure, I thought, “How weak can a man be?  I’m really in trouble if I let a piece of cheese get to me.”  Then I remembered a bumper sticker I saw several years ago, “If you really love Jesus, keep your cool.  Anyone can honk.”

When ordering at the local DQ in the future, I will simply and graciously say, “A cheeseburger with no cheese, please.”

Comments on: "Keep Your Cool" (1)

  1. shortfellow said:

    first things first, before we cut the cheese…. i’m invious of your new format.. the color combinations look great.. like the arrangement… your obvious computer skills and good taste far outweigh your lack of tolerance towards curds and cheese…
    i’m very reluctant to label your cheese reaction as radical behavior due to the vast number of times i’ve had that very same thought.. DID SHE ALSO ASK YOU TO SUPER-SIZE IT ?
    that’s a great line::: i’d like a cheeseburger,please ! and don’t forget to cut the cheese….

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