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A Turkey In Carthage

As I was transferring some LP’s the other night I came across a song I had written in the ’60’s entitled “I’m Going Back To Lubbock”, recorded by Charlie Sloan for Cowtown Records.  The tag line was something like, “Lubbock where the trees are green, the prettiest women you’ve ever seen, and no one there ever treats you mean in Lubbock.”  What was I thinking?  There may be some pretty women and nice people in that part of Texas, but there ain’t no trees.

People in that part of the state think a tree is two feet tall, two feet in diameter, and tumbles across the road when the wind comes sweeping across the plain.

I have been invited to Turkey a few times but it’s much to close to Lubbock.  After spending a semester in west Texas, I came to appreciate Mac Davis’ title “Lubbock In My Rear View Mirror.”

On the other end of the spectrum, I have been blessed with the honor of performing at the Texas Music Hall Of Fame, an awe inspiring stupendous edifice located in the piny woods of the east Texas city of Carthage where there are lots of trees.  Older and wiser and after meeting several pretty women and many nice people in this east Texas community, I think my song title should have been “I’m Going Back To Carthage.”

Comments on: "A Turkey In Carthage" (2)

  1. shortfellow said:

    inquiring mind’s want to know more about these pretty women in carthage…. carthage on my mind was another great song… or take me back to carthage, i’d sure like to marry….. what about it rev….?

  2. birdchirp said:

    Nowhere have I ever read that rev’s must be blind

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