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Motorcycle Llamas

A couple of years ago I had to go to Leon, Oklahoma for a speaking and singing engagement.  As I reached the top of a hill near the Red River border I was surprised to see a herd of llamas in the middle of the highway at the bottom of the hill.  Upon seeing an unfamiliar Toyota, they immediately scattered and headed for the borrow-ditch.

Upon returning home that evening I called my mother to let her know I was back in town.  During our telephone conversation I remembered seeing the llamas, and said, “There was a bunch of llamas in the road between here and Leon.  She asked, “Were they riding motorcycles?”  After a moment of silence I replied, “No, they were just standing there looking around.”

Confused by mom’s question, and amused by the mental image of a long-necked llama riding a motorcycle with his head thrown back and his sideburns blowing in the breeze, I said, “They did move out of the road when they saw me coming.” “Um,” she said, “I bet they were looking for an escapee.”

“What,” I thought to myself, “A herd of llamas on motorcycles looking for an escapee?”  That’s when I realized she understood me as saying “lawmen.”

I also realized that the misunderstanding was no fault of my mother’s.  Every time  I try to call one of the utility companies I am greeted by a computer that says, “State your name.”  After stating my name, the computer then says, “Please repeat.”  After two or three attempts with the same results, I put in my dentures and repeat my name once again only to hear, “Unable to understand. Please press ‘0’.”

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