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Hear My Words

anika.jpgI am a devoted fan of the LPGA tour.  There’s not much I enjoy more than a Sunday afternoon reclined in front of the TV watching 25 or 30 long-haired women slap around a little white ball.  But there is one thing that confuses me.  Why do they talk to the ball?  I have never seen a golf ball with ears, besides, if it had a brain it would be completely scrambled after just being zapped with a driver.

Why does a woman golfer talk to her golf ball?  I don’t know.  Maybe, they just have to talk even if their words fall on deaf ears (or no ears).  I have noticed that a golf ball is a lot like some men — it really doesn’t matter what the lady golfer tells it to do.  If she tells it to go right, it goes left.  If she tells it to stop, it keeps rolling.  It always does just the opposite of what she tells it to.

Even though the golf ball doesn’t listen, I guess the lady golfer loves it anyway.  After completing a hole she picks it up, wipes it gently with a clean white towel and moves on to the next tee where she zaps it with a driver and, once again, begins telling it what to do.

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