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I’ve Never Seen God – Helen Steiner Rice

scan00021.jpgOn June 23, 1973 the young lady pictured in the thumbnail (Jane Smith) gave me a birthday card.  The card has been an inspiration for these many years, and today sits on my desk reminding me of how I should live each day.  The poem written by Helen Steiner Rice is entitled “I’ve Never Seen God.”

I’ve never seen God but I know How I feel,

It’s people like you

who make Him “So Real”…

My God is no stranger,

He’s friendly and gay

And He doesn’t ask me to weep when I pray…

It seems that I pass Him

so often each day

In the faces of people I meet on my way…

He’s the stars in the heaven,

a smile on some face,

A leaf on a tree or a rose in a vase…

He’s winter and autumn

and summer and spring…

In short, God is Every

Real, Wonderful Thing…

I wish I might meet Him

much more than I do,

I would if there were More People Like You.

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