The Future Is As Bright As The Promises Of God

Muslims Believe In Jesus

veil1.jpgA gentleman who read yesterday’s blog informed me that Muslims believe in Jesus because his wife saw an Islamic lady on Oprah who answered, “Yes!”, when the talk-show hostess asked, “So, Muslims believe in Jesus?”  Well, that depends on what the definition of “believe” is.

Many people think that belief and faith are synonymous — but such is not the case.  I can say, “I believe I will go to town tomorrow,” but that doesn’t mean I will definitely go to town.

John the Baptist and Jesus (‘Isa’ in the Quran) are seen as members of the righteous family of ‘Imran, among the Children of Israel.  Jesus holds a place unique among the prophets of Islam.  He is born of a virgin “purified above all women,” he is the promised Messiah, “The Word of God and a Spirit from Him,” an almost superhuman figure who spoke from the cradle and worked great wonders by the power of God.  He was a miracle worker and one of the greatest prophets.

But the Quran depicts Him as expressly disclaiming deity and emphatically denies that He ever died on the cross.  There was no atonement and no resurrection, instead when the Jews sought to crucify Him, God caught Him up to heaven and threw His likeness on Judas who was crucified, by mistake, in His place.

Christians are held to have deliberately falsified the Scripture He brought, and worship the Messiah blasphemously.

Now you know why Christians are considered infidels by our Muslim friends.

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