The Future Is As Bright As The Promises Of God



iStock_000016759123SmallWhen we try to live up to society’s ideals and standards we can either become extremely prideful, because we have strived to reach the goal, or incredibly disappointed because we have failed to measure up.

The reality is society’s ideals are unrealistic and nearly impossible to sustain. When we try to attain them, we have to strive, push and control every variable in the process. Society tells us what we need to look like, what we need to wear, how much money we should make, what car we should drive so that we can finally be enough to receive the proverbial pat on the back.

The truth is we can come to God just as we are, and all of the pressure can come off. We can find acceptance through Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the Cross alone. He was perfect for us, died for us and was raised…

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