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The Privilege of Prayer

Deliberate Obedience Vs. Passive Rebellion

Grace and Truth Ministries International

God has two kinds of children. Those that are “waiting for something to happen” and those that “make things happen.” Many never breakthrough the prevailing religious deception of “waiting on God.” Heaven is hiring, God’s children promise to serve in the Father’s Family Business, but very few show up for work and do anything for Him.

Every battle in life is against doing the good works that glorify the Father. The enemy doesn’t mind if people study all day, pray all day, go to church every day, work all day, or play all day, just as long as they don’t obey the truth that they know. Once they ever obey the truth that glorifies God, all Hell breaks loose from every side to prevent Heaven from being manifested on Earth to keep the majority in spiritual darkness.

When Jesus came to the Earth He deliberately devoted His life to seeking…

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Preach the truth and they will come

Churchmouse Campanologist

On John MacArthur’s Grace To You (GTY) site, the blog has been carrying a series on biblical preaching.

In ‘Preach the Word: Because It Is the Means God Uses to Sanctify His People’, John MacArthur begins with:

You wouldn’t withhold food from a starving man. Nor would you deny air to a drowning child. Frankly, that kind of monstrous behavior is hard to imagine. But that’s effectively what many pastors and church leaders are guilty of today, as they withhold that which is vital to the spiritual lives of their people: God’s Word.

Further in the post, he states:

Even if I never preached another sermon, I would thank God every day of my life for the sanctifying grace that has come to me through the daily study of His precious Word. Pastors, then, should study to know God, not just to make sermons. For me, the greatest joy…

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Going through the motions….

The Gospel According To Jesus – Part 40

“You of little faith, why did you doubt?”
Matthew 14:31 (HCSB)

Tempestuous Times

“I do not possess silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you.” Acts 3:6a (NASB)
A person can no more skip the tempestuous, turbulent seasons of life than he can omit the month of March from the calendar. It matters not in what form the violence comes, the concern is how we accept it.
In life’s experiences the attitude we take means the difference in defeat and victory. In Acts 3:6, if Peter had dwelt on his lack of money, his lack of time and the pressing matters around him, he would have never known the joy in seeing the lame walk and the sick healed. He made use of what he had.

One night a fire completely destroyed a farm house. It was impossible to save any of the furnishing or clothing. The pantry was well filled with home canned goods but the kitchen was the first room to go up in smoke.
The next day the farmer whose home was burned was asked how much he had lost. He answered not as one who was incapable of realizing material values, but as one who had learned the meaning of true values. “I don’t know how much I lost,” he answered, “but I do know how much I have left.” He then named his wife and each of their seven children.
He then began talking about his plans for rebuilding his home. He accepted his apparent “set back” as a chance to start over. It was an outstanding example of a consistent Christian acting like a real Christian should act during tempestuous times.

After hearing this farmer’s attitude concerning loss of material things I began to incorporate a new set of values. If we are on God’s side we will always possess more than we can possibly lose. We may not have silver and gold but if we have the real love of God in our hearts there will always be someone we can help.

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