The Future Is As Bright As The Promises Of God

Grace and Truth Ministries International

God has two kinds of children. Those that are “waiting for something to happen” and those that “make things happen.” Many never breakthrough the prevailing religious deception of “waiting on God.” Heaven is hiring, God’s children promise to serve in the Father’s Family Business, but very few show up for work and do anything for Him.

Every battle in life is against doing the good works that glorify the Father. The enemy doesn’t mind if people study all day, pray all day, go to church every day, work all day, or play all day, just as long as they don’t obey the truth that they know. Once they ever obey the truth that glorifies God, all Hell breaks loose from every side to prevent Heaven from being manifested on Earth to keep the majority in spiritual darkness.

When Jesus came to the Earth He deliberately devoted His life to seeking…

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