The Future Is As Bright As The Promises Of God

Lion Heart


This idea has been on my heart. When you pick up a routine it’s easy to follow it right. A routine is an established pattern for your day, the questioning phase is over, the decision phase completed and now it’s simply doing what’s before you. Routines are good, they keep you safe, keep you in control. But what if we made christianity a routine? What if we have turned God into a series of motions, unchanging, in-control motions? Yes routines are helpful and the motions of Christianity safe. But what if without even knowing it our control ended up limiting God in our lives.

I am doing more for the church at this current moment in my life the I think I have ever done, serving more, speaking into peoples lives more. But I got home from church the other night, into the quiet of my room and I realized…

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