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The Need For Change

A country-western song from several years ago included this refrain: “O Lord, it’s hard to be humble when you’re perfect in every way.” We assume that the songwriter was just being humorous, for reasonable people do not really think that they are perfect. Then again, we realize that there is an element of truth in these words, in the fact that people tainted by sin often do not see the need to change. They may regret what they are doing. They may acknowledge that they are not perfect. But they do not see the urgency in changing. We could rewrite the song to say, “Its hard to change when you do not see the need to change.”
The same could be said for many within the church. Christians generally have a desire to be Christlike and holy. We know what we ought to be doing. But sometimes we become comfortable in being “saved by grace and not by works,” and take a relaxed approach to Christian service and to holy living.
We would do well to remember that the gospel message that reveals to the lost God’s plan of salvation also reveals to believers God’s further instructions. The attitude of faith that initially saves us is expected to grow within us. The pursuit of godliness should not be treated like an elective course in a college curriculum. Consider it one of the core requirements for graduation.


Comments on: "The Need For Change" (3)

  1. Amen!!!!! There’s no need hoarding in His knowledge, we should expand and glorify Hos understanding in us so that we could flourish in our days… God is not to be mocked, change is constant and in God we are to lead it (the change)!

  2. I had to giggle. “The pursuit of godliness should not be treated like an elective course in college.” This is great. Although elective courses usually were my favorite. He is not a course, but the whole education. Education both worldly and spiritual are a lifetime experience. Everyday we should jump in knee deep and frolic in the learning. Thanks for sharing this and for stopping by my blog. Be your perfectly unperfect self, but just perfect in God. Meghan

  3. Steven Paul, a Christ follower... said:

    Such a good post! It’s true about becoming complacent, resting on the idea of “salvation by grace” through faith alone. But true Christianity is found in the words of (James 2:18) where it reads: “But some will say ‘You have faith, I have deeds.’ Show me your faith without deeds and I will show you my faith by my deeds.”

    As a Christian matures in the faith, they see the wisdom of these words. We do for others out of love for the Father. This is what Jesus taught us as well…lead by example! Neither faith alone nor deeds alone can lead to salvation. The true practice of a Godly life comes by showing our faith THROUGH the deeds we do!


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