The Future Is As Bright As The Promises Of God

The Blessing of Trials

Kisses from The King

image Today I am thinking about our trials in life and how God can bring amazing blessings to us through them. In fact, for children of God in Christ Jesus, He promises to bless us and glorify Himself through every single one of them (Rom 8:28). No, not even ONE of our trials is in vain when we trust in Him! Knowing God’s promise to us, is there any other way to respond to our trials than with gratitude?….. even Joy? {James 1:2-4}. Yes it sounds crazy, but if we truly trust in God, then we trust that whatever struggle is coming our way is for a Good reason which we may not know, and God will do something amazing with it in our lives and for His Kingdom purpose!

Our adult Bible study is in the middle of Beth Moore’s Daniel and it is amazing. We just left the fiery…

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  1. Great post. The trial comes to test the very depth of our profession of faith, it is never meant to sway us from our Lord – rather, to strengthen our trust in Him.

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