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The Message Of The Cup

In the same way He took the cup also after supper, saying, ‘This cup is the new covenant in My blood; do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me.'” 1 Corinthians 11:25 (NASB)

In his series of poems “Idylls of the King,” Alfred Lord Tennyson told a story that had in some form already circulated in England as one of the legends surrounding King Arthur. Sir Galahad saw a vision of the very cup that Jesus used when He instituted the Lord’s Supper. It was called “the Holy Grail.” He and the other knights embarked on a long and fruitless search to find this cup.
Suppose the cup had been found. Would Communion then mean more to us than it already does? Would that enhance our observation of the Lord’s Supper? Not at all. However, we do have something from the Upper Room. We have the presence of Jesus Himself. That is enough to make Communion holy, no matter the kind of cup we use. It is His presence and our reverence, humility, and prayerful attitude, that give meaning to the Supper. The kind of table on which the emblems rest, the kind of utensil from which they are poured or into which they are poured, the kind of building in which we meet–all of these are really unimportant. What is in our hearts is most important. And what happens in our lives as a result is essential.


Comments on: "The Message Of The Cup" (2)

  1. The presence of Jesus communing with us is so important. So is his blood which cleanses us from all unrighteousness. When he took the cup, he said, “this is my blood.” His blood allows us to call God, Daddy. So powerful!

  2. If the cup had been found, being the idolaters that we are, might have found us worshiping it 🙂

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