The Future Is As Bright As The Promises Of God

montague county moments

 As a person who has a natural affection for people , and a deep-seated belief in Biblical truth , I feel an urgent duty to share with you these my inward most thoughts and beliefs .

 Soon, when a charismatic figure appears on the world stage , striving to broker a peace deal between Israel and the surrounding Middle Eastern nations in the interest of One World Government , pay attention !

   If he appears to have miraculous powers of persuasion and international influence , be aware .

  All is not as it may seem to a world of non-believers …The first figure to appear claiming to be the salvation of the world , is Biblically prophesied as the ” Anti-Christ “.. His second in command, the False Prophet , will promote  ” One World Religion ” .  Millions will be deceived by this dastardly duo . Even the elect ..


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  1. shortfellow said:

    many of these invaluable truths were learned while pursuing a common interest with my former pastor, mentor, and personal friend…Birdchirp …

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