The Future Is As Bright As The Promises Of God

I Sing Because I'm Free

Photo on 8-3-13 at 5.57 PM

Any adult who has volunteered for a Vacation Bible School program knows that it is anything but a vacation!  There is lots of praying, planning, organizing, preparing, and coordinating of schedules and volunteers to pull it all off.  But somehow, it always comes together in the end!

I may have a little rhythm, but a good dancer- I am definitely not!  Nevertheless, I pulled up my cowboy boots every day and taught the rip-roarin’, rootin’ tootin’, rodeo songs and dances each night (along with my trusty sidekick!) for our VBS this past week- all for the love of Jesus.  I really must love Him to embarrass myself in this manner.  Even my girls snickered as they watched me galloping on the stage.  Even so, as I look out from the stage and see the wide-eyed children excitedly worshiping, singing, and dancing, my pride melts away.  It is worth it all!

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