The Future Is As Bright As The Promises Of God

montague county moments

  I recall nearly twenty years ago , at a point in my life when things looked hopelessly bleak.. My life , my chosen field of endeavor , my finances , and unknowingly my health , were all deteriorating for a reason I chose to ignore.

  One particular Sunday night I had been to a Mexican Restaurant in Denton,  in an effort to momentarily forget the level of despair I found myself wallowing in . As I approached home , reality came back into focus , and I realized I needed to stop by the store before returning home.

  I pulled into the parking lot of  Wolsey’s grocery store and stepped out of the car, feeling as though my life had minimal purpose or expectations for improvement.

  Just then , a load of kids drove by in one of those familiar church-vans…The street was dimly lighted , making it impossible…

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