The Future Is As Bright As The Promises Of God

Passover promise ….

montague county moments

   The sinless life of Jesus would only serve humanity as an example …His death just another hideous example of Roman crucifixion … except for His resurrection … His absence from the tomb brought hope to every living man and woman ever born to a life of sin or those ever to experience the certainty of death.

  His sacrificial provision would be meaningless without the Biblical truth that He was raised to forever live again on the third day.he is currently seated on the right hand of our Father..awaiting the day of His earthly reign in Jerusalem.

  Many prophets of false gods also lived a dedicated life , and eventually died in that misguided belief …. but none were ever raised from to dead to eternally establish their victory over death and the grave.

  All false prophets remain dead til this day…. returned to the dust from which the true God…

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