The Future Is As Bright As The Promises Of God

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Are you saved/born-again? To be saved is to be redeemed. In the previous blog post “Redemption in Jesus Christ”, I explained what redemption means – to be set free from the consequences of sin. The Greek word to save “sozo” is translated to mean – to bring into safety, to cure, ensure salvation, to get well, to be preserved, to restore, to be delivered… it is much deeper than just the surface word to save. What does this mean? Before you are saved you’re life is filled with afflictions from adversaries. The sin nature (the origin of sin) revives in the inside of you. Spiritually you are dead.Image

How does one become saved then? On hearing the gospel people get convicted by the Holy Spirit (person on God) of the wrong t hat they have done (John 16:7-8) which leads them into confession. This is a personal decision one…

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