The Future Is As Bright As The Promises Of God

You think that it’s all over. You’ve only just begun.
Your accomplishments prove your value. Your faith has kept you strong.
You’ve pondered o’er the last few years, where life will take you next.
Your dreams will follow a different path now – there are mountains left to climb.
The challenges you face from this day forth will build another you.
You will still be the little child I held – the boy that I watched grow.
The times we’ve shared together have been a treasure to me.
Though time and experience will help you reach your goals,
The only one important thing for you to know is that you always will be child of God.
Your past and present days, along with those to come,
will be In His strong, protective hands until your dying day.
Trust in Him. Depend on His wisdom. Ask for His guidance and protection…

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