The Future Is As Bright As The Promises Of God

Wait til you see Heaven

montague county moments


   Have you ever seen a rainbow , with it’s shades of blue and green ,

And stood in awesome wonder as you gazed upon the scene ?

Then you’ve only seen a portion of the beauty in the skies.

Just wait til you see Heaven , you won’t believe your eyes.


Have you seen a golden sunset at the closing of the day ?

Have you pondered on it’s beauty as you thought of what to say ,

To describe the flawless colors that are painted on the skies ?

Just wait til you see Heaven , you won’t believe your eyes !


Have you ever seen the flowers as they blossom in the spring ?

And attended nature’s beauty as the robin starts to sing ?

Have you seen a soaring eagle ? Have you wondered how it flies ?

Just wait til you see Heaven…

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