The Future Is As Bright As The Promises Of God

Humility Brings Honor

“A man’s pride will bring him low, but a humble spirit will obtain honor.” Proverbs 29:23 (NASB)

I once was considering what the reason was our Lord loved humility in us so much. I suddenly remembered that He is essentially the supreme truth and that humility is just our walking in truth. For it is a very great truth that we have no good in us; we have only misery and nothingness. He who does not understand this walks in lies. But he who understands this the best is the most pleasing to the Supreme Truth. May God grant us this favor, sisters, never, to be without the humbling knowledge of ourselves…
His Majesty seeks and loves courageous souls. But they must be humble in all their ways and have no confidence in themselves…
I often used to think of those words of the Apostle Paul: “All things are possible with God” (Philippians 4:13). I saw clearly that I could do nothing of myself. This was of great help to me to see this. So also was the saying of Augustine: “Give me, Lord, what You command, and command what You desire.”…
…But it is necessary that we should understand what this humility is like. For I believe Satan will try to do great harm. He hinders those who begin to pray from going forward by suggesting to them false notions of humility. He makes them think that it is pride to have spiritual ambitions, desires to imitate the saints, and longings to be like martyrs. – St. Teresa of Avila


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  1. Amen. What a wonderful word today. Thank you !

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