The Future Is As Bright As The Promises Of God

Food That Satisfies

“And they all ate and were satisfied.” Matthew 15:37a (NASB)
Our Lord’s mission of grace and truth was at its height. His help was sought with the utmost eagerness. Large numbers of sick were cast at His feet in hot haste. The crumb was given to the woman of Canaan, but whole loaves were distributed to the crowds of Jews, because it was befitting that they should have a full chance to appreciate and accept Christ. For a brief moment they glorified the God of Israel, but the spasm of gratitude was transient. “His own” rejected Jesus. They would have His miracles, but would not own His claims. Take care that you do not become content with getting His help; love Him for Himself.
Do not suppose that these miracles were confined to His earthly life. He is still moved with compassion, and longs to help each weary and sin-sick soul. His thought still is “lest they faint away.” The wilderness can place no bar on “the saving strength of His right hand.”
F. B. Meyer


Comments on: "Food That Satisfies" (2)


    Amen, a truly great message. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So challenging……..!


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