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Sometimes We Forget to Remember

“. . . forgive, and you will be forgiven.” Luke 6:37 (RSV)
“Forgive and forget,” we sometimes say. But few things in life are more difficult. When someone has wronged us part of our humanity is taken away. Violence has been done to us. When people are hurt by other people, it is natural and understandable that these people should react in anger, fear, and hostility.
Sometimes that anger turns inward. We nurture it, feed it, keep it close to our hearts, lying in wait for a time when we can get even and settle the score. Such anger eats away at our lives, destroying us from within. Thus the offense that has been done becomes even greater. The wound is not healed. Rather , it festers until it poisons our whole life. Such is often the case with unforgiven wrong.
Hurt, pain, insult, cruelty are not easy to forget. But we don’t need to forget in order to forgive. We did all this and worse to God’s Son and yet He forgave us.
Christian forgiveness is thus based on who Christians are, on what has happened to them in Jesus Christ. So, in one sense, Christians are called upon not to “forget and to forgive,” but rather, to “remember and forgive.” Remember what God has done for you–now go and do the same for others.
Sometimes it is hard to forgive because we do not remember. We forget all the times we have thoughtlessly wronged others. We forget how much it has meant for someone to offer us forgiveness for our misdeeds. We forget the forgiveness we have in Christ.

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