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“Neither Shall There Be Any More Pain”

What has the Gospel done to help us to bear pain? It has helped us to believe that God is love, in the teeth of all the suffering in the world. Have you ever noticed about Jesus Christ that He was never perplexed by the great fact of pain? Death troubled Him, for He groaned in spirit and was troubled when He stood before the grave of Lazarus. But, though the fact of death troubled His soul, there is no trace that the dark fact of pain did so–and yet was there ever one on earth so sensitive to pain as Jesus Christ?
Here was a man who saw pain at its bitterest, yet not for an instant did He trouble His Father. Here was One who had to suffer terribly, and yet, through all His sufferings, God loved Him–it is these facts which, for the believing soul, silence the obstinate questionings forever. We may not see why we should have to suffer. We may not see why our loved ones have to suffer. Now we know in part and see in part; we are but children crying in the night. But we see Jesus, and that sufficeth us. We see how He trusted. We know how He loved. And knowing that, we may doubt many things, but we never can doubt the love of God again, nor Christ’s promise never to leave us.

George H. Morrison

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