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Not So Easy Christianity

A teenager, writing for a newspaper’s Youth Talks About Faith series, complained that she found it “too easy to be a Christian.” She said that in spite of the fact that she felt her greatest need to be the “spiritual strength that only faith can give,” she tended to “drift into the stream of materialistic thinking.” Of course she was wrong in her thinking; the very statement of her problem proved her wrong. Yet we, too, carry misconceptions as to the implications of being “born again” and of entering “into the kingdom of God.”
There are some who keep saying that today’s need is for less emphasis upon evangelism and more emphasis upon the quality of the Christian life. Without evangelism, however, the world would soon run out of Christians of any description. Too, the development of “quality” in the Christian life depends in part upon the Christian’s bearing of a testimony to those who need the Savior. Evidently some who have an awareness of man’s lost condition feel no motivation whatsoever to carry the gospel message to the lost.
Many churches have such a shallow view of the meaning of the new birth and the Christian life that about all that is expected of members is loyalty to the church as an institution and a reasonable conformity to the social patterns of the community. Little or no sacrifice is expected unless tithing is considered sacrifice. The teenager referred to above also wrote, “I wonder what type of Christian I would have been in Jesus’ time. Would my faith have been strong enough to let wild beasts tear at my flesh, or would I have been another Simon Peter, denying Christ?” She may have been a bit mixed up on her historical chronology, but not on some basics of the Christian life.

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