The Future Is As Bright As The Promises Of God

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Confidence In God

In a time of trial, many often seek consolation from a variety of sources. Sometimes they take drugs or use alcohol in an attempt to numb their frayed nerves. Or they spend hours in conversation with themselves, weighing all the possibilities, chewing their fingernails, pacing the floor, wondering what will happen next. We live in an age of anxiety.
It is a time of false messiahs and competing philosophies, all promising to give us peace and hope. What we need is not some temporary, quick therapy or self-help technique. We need to know that some power, some force greater and better than our own, is in charge. Only that can sustain us when the going gets really rough.
In response to questions about the future, to gnawing anxieties, the Christian faith points toward the empty tomb and proclaims a risen Lord who holds us and our future in the palm of His hand.
Our faith and our hope is in God.

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