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Listening to Lies

montague county moments

  For more than two centuries America has been a melting pot of cultures , races , and religious beliefs…

  In many ways that diversity has led to our greatness and international strength…but the other side of the coin is it has also led to pollution of the Judeo Christian ethics and standards that our nation was built upon..

  We have historically welcomed all creeds to enjoy the freedoms that have also led to secular pollution of our educational systems… our courts …our culture.. and even the religious dogma of our Christian churches..

   Eventually our extended hand of compassion for religious indifference , has surely lead to many apostate churches of today…..Increased tolerance for variations of the gospel has poisoned the well of living water..

  Add enough water to the milk of the gospel and it soon becomes unpalatable for human consumption…

  Regardless of what society would…

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