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Christianity Requires Consistent Dedication

Some say Christianity is like a drug; it stupefies the poor, downtrodden and oppressed by promising them pie in the sky bye-and-bye. Others say Christianity is like a poisonous infection; it gets into one’s blood and makes one too humble and tolerant, and hence its followers are less able to be masters than slaves. Some others, moreover, feel that Christianity is all right as a Sunday hobby or a cultural luxury for those who are interested in that kind of thing, but it should never be permitted to lay any claim upon us the other six days of the week.
The only thing, however, that such perspectives show is that these critics are not quite sure or clear about what Christianity really is. For them it appears to be a refuge for the socially dispossessed, or it provides a sentimental fellowship for those who like softness, or it is the means whereby our bourgeois culture is perpetuated and sustained. And they will go on thinking about Christianity in this way until they have looked at it squarely in the face in order to see it for what it is. And if they were to do so, they would see that Christianity involves total response somehow they feel they must. It can mean going all out for some end worthy of all their effort even though it involves dying to self in order to realize it. John H. Withers remarked: “Christianity is not a philosophy, but a personal relationship which opens up for us the inexhaustible resources of God.” As such, therefore, you and I cannot take any middle ground regarding it; we must be either for it or against it.
There are thousands throughout the land who have nothing to do with Christianity or the meaning of the person of Christ for humanity simply because they are not big enough to accept it. For Christianity has never appealed to our weakness but to our strength; never to our foolishness but to our wisdom; never to the whims and notions of the feather-brained but to the consistent dedication of the courageous will. The story of the Christian faith has proved that it has been always a religion for heroes.

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