The Future Is As Bright As The Promises Of God

Because we have fixed our hope on the living God. 1 Timothy 4:10b (NASB)
Most of us want to be optimistic. Optimism is that positive outlook that is based on how things are going. Hope is different from optimism. Hope is not based on what is going on at the moment or the direction in which things are headed.
Hope is based on a promise that something is going to change the course of events. It is not based on the latest experience we have had, or on how optimistic or pessimistic we feel at the moment.
Hope keeps on going when optimism fails. Hope is remembering the promises of God, remembering how He has broken into human events in the past, and the promise that He will do it again.


Comments on: "Hope Is Remembering The Promises Of God" (4)

  1. Great post! If our hope is in God, we will surely not be disappointed.

  2. Great post! Currently teaching this theme at Sunday school through the promises God made Abraham.

  3. I am a very optimistic person but you are absolutely right that hope is different. Hope is that which endures, encourages and gives the courage to persevere. I have a friend with a debilitating, painful disease but her hope in Jesus makes all the difference in how she lives and her purpose in life. Her hope to fulfill the plan she believes is God’s call on her life is not diminished because of her disease even though the disease slows her ability to accomplish it. Hope – everyone needs hope. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Praise God! This is a word in due season for me. Thanks for sharing.

    Be A Blessing!


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