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Whatever Happened to the Message of The Cross?

Not For Itching Ears

The sign said, “Now serving Starbucks coffee!”

It was the late 90’s and the premium coffee craze was taking the country by storm. Everyone who liked coffee LOVED Starbucks or soon would. So it wasn’t surprising that some business would be utilizing the brand name to promote what they were doing. It made pretty good sense. It would not have fazed me a single bit if any other company was doing it. However, this massive sign was hung in front of a local evangelical Christian church. The message was crystal clear: “Come to our service on Sunday, we have free Starbucks coffee!”

With the arrival of the church growth movement and the seeker-sensitive ministry focus it birthed..

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Nothing More, Nothing Less, Nothing Else

Lord, open my eyes that I may see truth and my ears to hear truth.
Open my heart to receive it by faith.
Renew my mind to keep it in hope.
Surrender my will that I may live it with love.
Remind me that I am responsible when I hear it.
Help me desire to obey what You say through it.
Transform my life that I may know it.
Burden my heart that I may share it.
Speak now Lord.
Give me a passion to know Your will.
Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.


Truth Has Many Competitors

“And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray.” Matthew 24:11 (NKJV)
Truth has many competitors. Each presents its case; each tries for its audience; each has its reasons and attractions. Part of our calling as Christians is to explore the competition, to sift truth from error, to discover, and to understand. Jesus warns us not to displace truth with an imposter.
To whom do you look when you want the truth? In the face of many claims, what’s your authority? It is the most important quest of your life. How do you know who speaks truth and who speaks a mix of truth and falsehood? Truth matches the teaching of Jesus Christ–the One who is Truth. As God’s Son, Jesus has God’s power and authority; thus, His words should be our final authority. If a person’s teaching is true, it will agree with Jesus’ teaching. Test everything you hear against Jesus’ words, and you will not be led astray. Don’t be hasty to seek advice and guidance from merely human sources and thereby neglect Christ’s message.

– Life Application Bible Commentary, Matthew –

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