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He Will Never Fail You

When life seems empty
and there’s no place to go,
When your heart is troubled
and your spirits are low
When friends seem few and nobody cares
There is always God to hear your prayers.
So go to our Father when
troubles assail you,
For His grace is sufficient
and He’ll never fail you.
Helen Steiner Rice

God’s Mirror

“We are good at confessing other people’s sins, but if it is true repentance, we shall have as much as we can do to look after our own. When a man or woman gets a good look into God’s mirror, the Bible, he is not finding fault with other people; he is fully occupied at home.” – D. L. Moody

“My Lord And My God”

“Thomas answered and said to Him, ‘My Lord and my God!'” John 20:28 (NASB)
Jesus turned to Thomas and encouraged him to touch the scars in His hands and side. There is no indication that Thomas did so. To see Jesus was enough. And Thomas spoke the greatest confession found in the New Testament: “My Lord and my God!”
Thomas had come to believe that Jesus was alive; even more, that Jesus was divine. He was God. There is no deeper understanding than to realize that this One who had become flesh and lived among other human beings was not only human but shared the same nature as the Father Himself. Meeting the risen Lord enabled Thomas to make this confession. And this is the confession that all people need to make.
Jesus commended Thomas for his confession, but He knew that people in future generations would not have the same privilege of seeing the risen Lord with physical eyes. Others would have to believe without seeing. And God makes it possible for people to meet the risen Lord in other ways than seeing Him with their physical eyes. And in meeting Him, their troubled souls are quieted, they are commissioned to work, and they confess with Thomas, “My Lord and my God.”

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