The Future Is As Bright As The Promises Of God

Being Realistic

For All Have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23 (NASB)
“Why do we have wars and rumors of war? Why do we have political corruption and dictatorships and slavery and bondage of many kinds? Why do we have police on every corner and why do we have jails and prisons and insane asylums?
Because we humans are a lost people—and it is a lost world we live in. Anyone who refuses to consider the symptoms is completely unrealistic. . .
The lostness of man is not a dogma—it is a fact. We are not dealing in the realm of fancy. We are dealing with facts as hard and realistic as a brick that goes into the solid construction of a building.”
A.W. Tozer


Comments on: "Being Realistic" (3)

  1. It’s a sad commentary on the world today, isnt it. There is surely enough suffering to go around. Yeah for us though that God’s grace is greater!

  2. NoOneKnows said:

    A very poignant plea that is trying to understand what we see in our reality, in fact it is shoved in our face constantly. And I agree human nature is not innately lost because through grace we can be found by our Lord Jesus Christ, but humanity is a “fallen” nature.
    I find it so curious that juxtaposition of one crucial word, though perhaps similar enough to not notice a difference, but then can make all the difference in unlocking a path that initially appears to remove all life affirming values with a violent and abrupt halt. Because it is providentially a good thing that we suffer a fallen nature because if we were ontologically lost we would never know what it means to be fallen which can thereby be raised up. If humanity was ontologically lost that would be the limit to our understanding. And in fact our Fallen nature has provided the contrast to see many astounding acts of human compassion and miraculous conversions.

  3. We should try not to judge because we all fall short of the Glory of the Lord. I feel it is sad that we across the country and world cannot accept and love one another. You help me to think more and try harder.

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