The Future Is As Bright As The Promises Of God

Life of a Wannabe Jesus

I had this thought the other day when I was alone in my room; no music on, no sounds outside, no loud thoughts. It was just Silent.

I tend to veer away from silence, as most humans do. We want to run away from our nagging thoughts and deep fears.


What if Silence, somehow, is the perfect metaphor of an Omnipresent God?

What if Silence isn’t because of the absolute absence of God, but is the absolute Presence?

I sat there in the Silence, I knew God was with me. Not because of His words, or because of feelings, but  because of this deep surrounding of Silence. It’s something I could never escape, something that will always with me. When all is stripped away the Silence is the one thing left.

It was comforting.

A gentle reminder that God is always with us.

Love, Cassia.

“In the multitude of…

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Comments on: "Thursday Thoughts Ep. 4 – The God of Silence" (1)

  1. Such a great reminder!!

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