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Don’t always ask Jesus what He can do for you; ask Jesus what you can do for Him

Seek First His Kingdom – Helen Steiner Rice

You need nothing more than
God’s guidance and love
To ensure the things that you’re
most worthy of. . .
So trust in His wisdom
and follow His ways,
And be not concerned
with the world’s empty praise,
But seek first His kingdom,
and you will possess
The world’s greatest riches,
which is true happiness.
Helen Steiner Rice

Is It Possible To Be Too Hip To Be Holy?

“And when You said, ‘Seek My face,’ my heart said to You, ‘Your face, O LORD, I shall seek.'” Psalm 27:8 (NASB)
The New Living Translation says, “My heart has heard You say, “Came and talk with Me.” And my heart responds, “LORD, I am coming.” There is an old saying, “Deep calleth unto deep.” It suggests that something deep within us is ever hungering after, and always listening for that Voice that gives us life.
This aptly fits many of us today who remember the beginnings of our journey with Jesus. The move of the Spirit was strong and widespread, the preaching of the Word was without manipulation, and worship was innocent—unchained from the love of money.
But these days now are rather mediocre in comparison. The presses are filled with over-stated claims of how God is moving here and there, while people are running to and fro to jump in the river. Preaching has all but been stripped of prophetic power, opting instead for power-point presentations that give neat and tidy tips on how to improve just about anything in your life. And as for worship—send in the clowns! Is this the church, or a club reviewing the latest trends in bands and fashion? Is it possible to be too hip to be holy? Too relevant to be reverent? Too cool to be Christlike?
We long for a renewal; a return to the days of our first love; a fresh awakening in our fellowship with the Lord. If these longings are present in your heart, then be encouraged—for it is the Lord calling you back. – James Ryle –

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