The Future Is As Bright As The Promises Of God

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If you want to be miserable, look within; distracted, look around; peaceful, look up.


“Grace isn’t a little prayer you say before a meal, it’s a way of life.”

Andie MacDowell


Nothing But The Truth


Smile – Helen Steiner Rice

Each time you smile,
you’ll find that it’s true,
Somebody, somewhere
will smile back at you.
And nothing on earth can make
life more worthwhile
Than the sunshine and warmth
of a beautiful smile.
Helen Steiner Rice

Wise Words From Helen Steiner Rice

It’s easy to grow downhearted
when nothing goes your way.
It’s easy to be discouraged when
you have a troublesome day.
But trouble is only a challenge
to spur you on to achieve
The best that God has to offer
if you have the faith to believe.

Helen Steiner Rice – “Let Us Give Ourselves Away”

Let us give ourselves away,
Not just today but everyday,
And remember,
a kind and thoughtful deed
Or a hand outstretched
in a time of need
Is the rarest of gifts, for it is a part
Not of the purse but a loving heart;
And he who gives of himself
will find
True joy of heart and peace of mind.

I Met The Master

I had walked life’s way with an easy tread,
Had followed where comfort and pleasures led.
Until one day in a quiet place
I met the Master face to face.

With station and rank and wealth my goal,
Much thought for my body but none for my soul,
I had entered to win in life’s mad race,
When I met the Master face to face.

I met Him, and knew Him and blushed to see
That His eyes full of sorrow were fixed on me;
And I faltered and fell at His feet that day,
While my castles melted and vanished away.

Melted and vanished and in their place
Naught else did I see but the Master’s face.
And I cried aloud, “Oh, make me meet
To follow the steps of Thy wounded feet.”

My thought is now for the souls of men,
I have lost my life to find it again,
E’er since one day in a quiet place
I met the Master face to face.
Author Unknown

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