The Future Is As Bright As The Promises Of God

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Brighten Your Day

Brighten your day
And lighten your way
And lessen your cares
With daily prayers.
Quiet your mind
And leave tension behind
And find inspiration
In hushed meditation.
Helen Steiner Rice

There Is Only One Friend Who Is Never Too Busy

There is only one place
and only one Friend
Who is never too busy,
and you can always depend
On Him to be waiting,
with arms open wide,
To hear all the troubles
you came to confide.
For the heavenly Father
will always be there
When you seek Him and find
Him at the altar of prayer.
Helen Steiner Rice

I Said A Special Prayer For You

I said a special prayer for you—
I asked the Lord above
To keep you safely in His care
and enfold you in His love.
I did not ask for fortune,
for riches or for fame,
I only asked for blessings
in the Holy Savior’s name—
Blessings to surround you
in time of trial and stress,
And inner joy to fill your heart
with peace and happiness.
Helen Steiner Rice

Prayers Are The Stairs That Lead To God

Prayers are the stairs that
lead to God, and there’s joy
every step of the way
When we make our pilgrimage to
Him with love in our hearts
each day.
Helen Steiner Rice

An Unfailing Blessing

All of our errors and failures that
we made in the course of the day
Are freely forgiven at nighttime
when we kneel down
and earnestly pray,
So seek the Lord in the morning
and never forget Him at night,
For prayer is an unfailing blessing
that makes every burden
seem light.
Helen Steiner Rice

When Your World Falls Apart

When your troubled and
worried and sick at heart
And your plans are upset
and your world falls apart,
Remember God’s ready
and waiting to share
The burden you find
too heavy to bear.
Helen Steiner Rice

Morning Is Near — Helen Steiner Rice

Nothing in life can defeat me,
For as long as this knowledge
I can suffer whatever is happening,
For I know God will break
all the chains
That are binding me tight
in the darkness
And trying to fill me with fear. . .
For there is no night
with dawning,
And I know that my morning is near.
Helen Steiner Rice

Thank You For The Miracles

Thank you for the miracles
we are much too blind to see,
And give us new awareness
of our many gifts from Thee,
And help us to remember
that the key to life and living
Is to make each prayer a prayer of
thanks and every day Thanksgiving.
Helen Steiner Rice

There Is Always A Renewal

After the winter comes the spring
To show us again that in everything
There’s always a renewal
divinely planned,
Flawlessly perfect,
the work of God’s hand.
Helen Steiner Rice

Filled With Joy

It fills me with joy to
linger with You,
As my soul You replenish
and my heart You renew.
So thank You again for
Your mercy and love
And for making me heir
to Your kingdom above.
Helen Steiner Rice

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