The Future Is As Bright As The Promises Of God

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The Bare Facts

I don’t know Ted Cruz, but I truly think he loves America just as much as Starr Parker or Ben Carson.  And I believe the left attacks Ted, Star, and Ben is a demonstration of extreme fear.  Harry Reid, who reminds me of Satan in a pair of tight blue jeans, is nothing but a nutty, narcissistic, pea-brained, egotist — he doesn’t hate America, he loves Harry Reid.

This is my prayer…a song written by Bobby Bare — recorded by Bare, Loretta Lynn, Tex Ritter, Conway Twitty.

“God bless America again

You must know the trouble that’s she’s in

Wash he pretty face, dry her eyes and the

God bless America again


You know, I wish God would bless America again

Like He did, way back there when it all began

He blessed her then

And we sort of took it for granted and didn’t ask again

So let’s just kinda’ hold on to her hand now that’s all

In case she stumbles, let’s not let her fall


I don’t understand everything I read and hear

About what’s wrong with America.

You know, I don’t have a lot of book learning

There’s many things you don’t understand


But I know this much, she’s like a mother to me

And I love her with all my heart

And let me tell you this sir, everything I am

Or ever hope to be, I owe to her.


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