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Chris Tomlin – I Lift My Hands

Carrie Underwood / Vince Gill – “How Great Thou Art”

Merry Christmas

Jesus Loved The Hell Out Of Me

Two inspiring videos featuring legendary songwriter Ed Bruce.

Jesus Loved The Hell Out Of Me –

I Know –

Dancing Chichuahua – Ole!

Not as funny as my “Dreaming Dog Runs Into Wall” post, but very entertaining.

Dreaming Dog Runs Into Wall

Funniest video I’ve ever seen


Chris Tomlin – Awake My Soul

Kellie Pickrel


The Pledge Of Allegiance

I remember Red Skelton reciting this on his TV show in 1969.  He loved his country.  He loved making people laugh.  He was an American.  Of the few Master Mason’s in Hollywood back when it didn’t embarrass a parent to take his child to the movies, I believe Red was my favorite entertainer.  We need more Red Skeltons (and other M.M.’s like John Wayne, Tex Ritter and Roy Rogers who practiced the tenets of Freemasonry) setting an example for today’s youth.

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