The Future Is As Bright As The Promises Of God

scan00021.jpgOn June 23, 1973 the young lady pictured in the thumbnail (Jane Smith) gave me a birthday card.  The card has been an inspiration for these many years, and today sits on my desk reminding me of how I should live each day.  The poem written by Helen Steiner Rice is entitled “I’ve Never Seen God.”

I’ve never seen God but I know How I feel,

It’s people like you

who make Him “So Real”…

My God is no stranger,

He’s friendly and gay

And He doesn’t ask me to weep when I pray…

It seems that I pass Him

so often each day

In the faces of people I meet on my way…

He’s the stars in the heaven,

a smile on some face,

A leaf on a tree or a rose in a vase…

He’s winter and autumn

and summer and spring…

In short, God is Every

Real, Wonderful Thing…

I wish I might meet Him

much more than I do,

I would if there were More People Like You.


Comments on: "I’ve Never Seen God – Helen Steiner Rice" (67)

  1. Lovely poem. We do see God everyday in all the things we see around us. Take Care

  2. Very nice. God Bless You and thanks for your support.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Reminds me of this poem I’ve always loved.
    I have never seen the whole sea-
    And yet I know the sea,
    For I’ve felt its cooling waters
    And I’ve heard it speak to me.
    I can’t conceive a total God,
    And yet I know Him well,
    For I’ve felt His presence
    In a way words cannot tell.
    I’ve never seen the air around,
    And yet I breathe the air.
    I cannot see the God I love,
    But, oh, I know He’s there!
    -author unknown

  4. Amazing Poem, Like it no end, All the Best !

  5. Thanks for following God’ Your articles are amazing and powerful. God bless

  6. I love this message. I am glad you liked my “walking on ice” evolvingelder blog as your doing so led me to this one. I also cannot help but be a fan of anyone who is a big fan of Roy Rogers and Trigger.

  7. I truly enjoyed reading this poem. Thank You for posting it.

  8. Thank you for visiting towerofgrace site. Yours was a nice blog too.

  9. I loved this poem. It’s a beautiful reminder that we are to be the Jesus people don’t see……When they see us they see Him!
    And thank you for liking my post….

  10. God bless you, thanks for stopping by

  11. scumlikeuschurch said:

    Have a Blessed Sunday, and a great day or worship

  12. That is very inspiring. I am a huge fan of Rice’s. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I am glad I got to find yours because of it.

  13. thanks for sharing. very powerful words. VW

  14. thanks for liking my post!
    I really love this poem. It expresses my reasons for believing in a god so beautifully

  15. Hi Redbird, Thank you for reading my blog. I am moving house soon. Downsizing. The name of the new house is Bright House. So I liked your heading “The future is as bright as the promises of God.” Angela Mc Cauley

  16. Very, very nice I admire your poetry so much — I do not have any talent for poetry. I love the gift God has given you. Keep honoring Him . Bless you Love to the Church V

  17. Hi Redbird,
    Thanks for liking my post. Now I’ve discovered your site. Very nice job of drawing our eyes to God. Also, I love this poem. Helen Steiner Rice expresses well, evidences of our God on earth and reminds us to shine in his image. It’s people like the young lady you received the card and poem from that remind us we are appreciated as wonderful parts of God’s creaton.
    God bless.

  18. I loved this post! I loved Helen Steiner Rice and tried to model my poetry after her style. It is nice to know others appreciated her too! Great Poem!

  19. Thank you for sharing the words of this poem with the rest of us. I have seen God!… In the face of children and aged, in the face of the forgiven and the needy stranger. I have seen Him in the hungry and homeless we see and help. I see Him ….

  20. A beautiful poem to start the day with! Thanks for sharing! Grace and Peace!

  21. Thank you for checking out my blog! I’m glad you enjoyed it. This poem is great and so true 🙂

  22. Just LOVE Helen Steiner Rice! It was about the same time I,too, got a card with one of her poems and have been a fan ever since! Thank you for stopping by my blog…Blessitude ~ Lorrie

  23. thanks for the like of my ‘walk the line.’ I love this Helen Steiner Rice poem. All of her writings are just beautiful.

  24. nicoleh26 said:

    This is amazing thank you so much for sharing

  25. nicoleh26 said:

    This Is amazing thank you for sharing

  26. Great poem and a great reminder that people who have no faith see (or don’t) God in us first!

  27. Reblogged this on Kri's Kurious Korner and commented:
    I really loved this and just had to share it!

  28. Thanks for your encouragement in liking my blog. I appreciate the integrity and generous hearted motivation that it takes to write what you do. Thanks for the courage.

  29. Beautiful. Thanks for liking my blog. It’s beautiful to see God everywhere, isn’t it? Blessing & Peace to you.

  30. Very nice. I like that you posted the Bible verses on your site. But the thing is, it’s easy for us to reach the others on here who believe in Christ…the challenge here and in life is to reach and help the ones that don’t. So I say give that stranger on the road a ride if you can. Ask her if she’s okay. Yes, there are bad people who can harm you…you have to kind of feel that situation out a bit…but in truth…God wants us to help people when we can and do GOOD to our enemies. I really need to work on that.

    Anyway, thanks for reading and liking my blog. If you are not already, I want to personally invite you to follow my blog. I have a poem called “The Love” that I wrote for Jesus and the world. It’s under the poetry tab. Let me know what you think and please share that poem with everybody for Easter.

    Have a Blessed day.


    • birdchirp said:

      Excellent comment! My daily prayer is that someone other than a true believer will read one of my posts and come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior.

  31. scumlikeuschurch said:

    God bless, always great to see you

  32. So lovely … thanks for visiting poetrycottage birdchirp.

  33. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my recent posts. It’s always a great day when we can share inspiration.

    • birdchirp said:

      Sorry, I tried to reblog one of your posts but the photo covered my whole site. I don’t know how to reduce the size, so I had to delete it.

      • Sorry about that! I appreciate the reblog attempt. Only this week is particularly photo-laden so please feel free to share anything you would like in the future. I appreciate you stopping by! Having peeked at your lovely blog, here is one from my archives that I think you might appreciate:

  34. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing and visiting my blog today. I have many cards on my window sill. It is beautiful to think of the words and the people that sent it.

  35. Thank you for ‘liking’ Salt Shaker!

  36. What a beautiful poem!
    Such Truth spoken so simply.
    Very encouraging.
    That made my day!

  37. Thank you. Inspiring! God is everywhere if only we would open our eyes. Continue your important work.

  38. imasoulfultraveller said:

    Reblogged this on By The Sea Side.

  39. I recently posted a quote about Helen Steiner Rice. I like her peaceful, country and gospel writing style. This was a great post! I especially like you kept the photograph of the one who gave it to you! Smiles, Robin

  40. Bill Korich said:

    I am a simple Man–in a simple Life with My God–and I see you swimming in his sea of Love
    Thank You Lord.

  41. Thanks first for liking my post. I’m new to posting, but I have been following Jesus for quite sometime now since 1974. I want to be part in the great vision of God of a redeemed people from all nations and tribes gathered around his throne. God bless you. The poem by the way is nice.

  42. Thank you for following God’s God bless you abundantly in Jesus Name

  43. Equipping The Saints said:

    Thank you for your like of my post on “Effectual Prayer.” You are very kind. Please have a blessed day.

    Senior Pastor/Equipping the Saints
    Philip 3:10, “That I May Know Him”

  44. Lovely post. Also, I never get tired of reading about how Jesus saves.

  45. Thank you for your like of my post on “The Kiss.” Your encouragement is always appreciated.. Blessings to you,

    Senior Pastor/Equipping the Saints
    Philip 3:10, “That I May Know Him”

  46. Thank you for your like of my post on “What A Wonderful World.” You are a blessing.

    Senior Pastor/Equipping the Saints
    Philip 3:10, “That I May Know Him”

  47. Equipping The Saints said:

    It is very heart warming that you would like my post,”East From The West.” Thank you very much.

    Senior Pastor/Equipping the Saints
    Philip 3:10, “That I May Know Him”

  48. Thank you for your wonderful post.

  49. Thanks for stopping by my blog in recent weeks and leaving your encouraging ‘likes’ on this fairly new website devoted to refreshing servant leaders of Christ. You are a blessing … may your posts continue to reach out with his hope.

  50. Equipping The Saints said:

    Thank you for your like of my post, “Remember When.” Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

    Senior Pastor, Equipping The Saints
    Philippians 3:10 “That I May Know Him”

  51. April Boyer said:

    Wonderful poem, and perspective. Thanks for visiting In His Shadow too.

  52. Thank you for visiting my blog. I can see that we both love the Lord Jesus Christ

  53. A beautiful poem and I liked the fact you included the photo of the card giver as well (so we can see her pretty smile and put a face to the person who thought so much of you). I believe God is around us every single day, we just have to make the effort to see Him and not relegate Him to a back burner on the stove of life. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  54. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  55. Equipping The Saints said:

    Thank you for your like of my post, 021115 – Just Give Me Jesus

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