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Our Prayers Have Been Heard

Although it sometimes seems to us
our prayers have not been heard,
God always knows our every need
without a single word,
And He will not forsake us,
even though the way is steep,
For always He is near us,
a tender watch to keep. . .
And in good time He’ll answer us,
and in His love He’ll send
Greater things than we have asked
and blessings without end.
Helen Steiner Rice

Build A Bridge

“As God declares Himself to those around us by His Word and through our lives, we can become a bridge to those who do not yet know the love of Christ.” — Bill Crowder

It Is The Truth That Gives Freedom

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John 8:32 (NASB)
The way of freedom, Jesus declared, is an intimate relationship with Him who is the truth (John 14:6). Truth is much more than mere facts or data; it is a Person. Pilate’s question, “What is truth?” (John 18:36), should have been, “Who is truth?”, and the “Who” is Jesus.
Jesus’ linking of truth with being free is significant, especially in today’s world where freedom is often equated with not adhering to any kind of absolute truth. The knowledge of Christ frees one from ignorance, superstition, and bad habits; but more to the point, it frees from the slaveries of pride, self, and sin, which are more binding than any chains. Consider Paul and Silas, who did not let the restrictions of a maximum security prison silence their praise (Acts 16:25). In reality, they were free before their chains were broken.

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